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(MONU MAGAZINE abstract) Pulento y Real
diciembre 4, 2009, 6:25 pm
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Este es el estracto del abstract presentado para la convocatoria de la revista MONU MAGAZINE #12 llamada “Real Urbanism”. El artículo se denomina “Pulento and Real: Dissolution and transcription of the real arquitectural project on the Valparaiso City”

The reality is always a degree of interpretation and practice. The material history’s development of a city – isn’t only built by their expression of symbolic representation, metaphorical and semantic – that historiography and chronology presented in a uniform, otherwise the city’s material history was built by a split of reality, in the other words by an awareness of breaks that our political, economic and symbolic construct and relocate on the real and the subjective. These singular events, ordinary, everyday subjects are displayed on the city without having been theses. It is a sign that captures the nature, interest of the sense and composition of place today. Thus, the strategy of the event and what possible that the subject and its practices from the everyday, expose and spread on the report and its Urban Heterological field, as noted by George Bataille. It is a reordering of space heterogeneous in their materiality entropic to their tectonic reality manifested as appropriations urban, spatial significations, and also a disjunction between program and architectural form. That is how, the real signs disrupts the illusory surface and the urban uniform, by extending the depth of the social – as noted by Bruno Latour – urban strategies as a more heterogeneous and multiple. But what is new?, The new is a kind of critical practice that seeks to separate subject on the current and present – of the works and discourses – questions about a new present more real. Thus, the subject placed the formless as a the appearance of urban space’s exercise of derealization and transforms it into an different levels’s interweaving of reality.

Thus, in a decade where the role of urbanism has been constantly challenged, now more than ever, urban operations no longer include development or particular urban grammar but a dissolution of the architectural project; the disappearance of omnipotence urbanism succumbs about a complex and unstable tectonics which are signs of a more real, singular and relentless social temporality. The Valparaiso city in Chile, appears as an outstanding example on a free city planners. A city that wasn’t founded only, but also rests on know-how more like tactical improvisation to a strict plan. Because when we speak of Valparaiso can’t refer to a classical model but rather a series of short-term actions, independent of each other, often anonymous, but with a force sociocultural background that allows to ensure consistency, a sense of community strongly entrenched, in the words of Pierre Levy: intelligence and cognitive creativity.

The question now is,  how this intelligence articulated urban planning? This practice play below self-organizing logic that allow the daily operation and seemingly innocuous changes to configure local scale, where the spontaneous nature of identity patterns emerge that settle into a new sheltered in precarious urban form, but enriched by an ability to multi-layered.
In what ways is performed by the architect and planner of such networks? What potential strategic joint hosts of them? And how to materialize them in established urban practices?


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